From the garden to your table


At Villa Gaia, cooking is primarily a matter of sharing and conviviality. We believe that good dishes prepared with love and simplicity can bring people together and create unforgettable memories


Cooking at Villa Gaia

Charming hotel and gardens

Anne-Françoise is a passionate cook constantly on the lookout for new recipes and quality ingredients. She favors family recipes and simplicity, drawing inspiration from Mediterranean and Provençal flavors while adding a personal and creative touch. Her dishes are both flavorful and generous. It’s a woman’s cuisine.

The ingredients in our kitchen are carefully selected from local suppliers and, whenever possible, directly from our vegetable garden. We take pride in supporting local producers and offering you fresh, often organic, and quality ingredients.

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A different menu every evening

Anne-Françoise, assisted by Georges-Eric, welcomes you to her table and crafts a special menu each evening for the guests of the house. It consists of a main dish that varies with the seasons, accompanied by delightful little touches prepared with care. Anne-Françoise doesn’t just prepare dinner; she makes her own jams, breads, and brioches served at breakfast. She creates refreshing drinks for the summer and delicious small savory and sweet biscuits to accompany tea or an aperitif.

A cuisine tailored to your tastes.

One of the things that makes our cuisine special is Anne-Françoise’s flexibility to cater to your dietary needs. If you have specific preferences, allergies, or dietary restrictions, she will do her best to customize your meal while maintaining the flavor and quality that characterize our cuisine.

Harvested vegetables from the garden



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